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Do You Know These Facts About Your Teeth?

March 30, 2023

Though it may not seem like it, your teeth are complicated biological components and play significant roles in the health of the entire body rather than just the mouths they inhabit.

We at the office of Winston Salem Office are oral healthcare experts and know “all things dental.” In emphasizing the importance of preventive dental care, we are dedicated to helping every patient enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Read on for 10 facts!

It’s sad but true: A tooth can come in already marred by a cavity. That doesn’t seem fair, does it? 

Cavities don’t heal themsleves. The longer they’re ignored, the worse they become. The only type of “remedy” is to have a dentist remove the decay and fill the hole. 

Baby teeth (also called “deciduous” teeth) hold spaces in your jaw and gum for the permanent teeth (also called secondary) that will eventually erupt. Letting baby teeth fall out naturally improves the chances that the permanent teeth under them will come in straight. And to the contrary, a tooth can come in upside down, sideways or backwards! 

Teeth are versatile in their names and uses. We get 20 baby teeth and 32 permanent teeth. 

The visible area of the tooth, the crown, is about only a quarter to a third of the entire tooth. The rest is under the gums.

Some people get more teeth than they need! The “condition” is called hyperdontia, and it happens more with permanent teeth than baby teeth. These extras sometimes need to be removed to ward off crowding or dislocating of other teeth. Some teeth never develop at all. Your genetics are the reason behind too many or too few teeth.

When searching for a dental practice that’s dedicated to providing the topmost standard of personalized care, look no further than the office of Winston Salem Office. We offer an extensive menu of high-quality dental services for people of all ages. For more information about our many services, please call to schedule an appointment.

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